Soiled Attic Insulation Replacement



SA Fresh Envi New Denim Attic Insulation

Attic insulation will slow heat gain in your living space in the summer and slow heat loss during the winter.  Our experts help make homes more cost-effective and energy-efficient, which is important to everyone, whether you’re adding insulation to the attic of the home you’ve lived in for 20 years or you are a builder who needs to insulate 100 homes.

Attic Insulation Replacement is a complex process that is designed to remove contaminated harmful insulation and replace it with state of the art blown in cellulose. Insulation that has been damaged by animal activity is less energy efficient, and contains many different types of bacteria, parasites, and fungus. These contaminants can include histoplasmosis, raccoon roundworm, and many other dangerous bacteria. Removing this hazardous material is a complicated process that should only be undertaken by trained professionals. Do-it-yourself removal can expose homeowners to fungus that can be easily aerosolized and inhaled by unprepared individuals. At ABC Wildlife we highly recommend hiring insulation replacement professionals trained both in hazardous waste removal and proper installation techniques. At ABC Wildlife we specialize in safely removing hazardous insulation and include a flea, tick and mite treatment, in addition to odor treatment as part of our standard service. This is an often overlooked part of the process that is necessary for proper service as all wildlife contain these parasites.

Our Process

Attic Insulation InstallationOur attic insulation replacement process begins with a comprehensive attic inspection. This inspection will identify areas in your attic that have been contaminated by animal activity. After our inspection is complete you can expect a professional proposal from our expert staff that outlines the work to be done, the price for the service, and our standard guarantee. This proposal can be mailed or e-mailed at your preference. After the proposal has been delivered expect a phone call from your individual wildlife and insulation specialist. After you confirm the work we will call you within two business days with your appointment date. On your appointment date our construction foreman will call you with the estimated arrival time. All work will be carried out in a professional manner and all contaminated material will be removed from your attic using proven techniques so that no contamination of living spaces occurs. In almost all cases this work will be complete within a two day period.

Insulation Facts

  • Heating & Cooling account for 50-70% of energy used in an average home
  • Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste
  • Energy efficiency through insulation is the most effective way to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Insulation saves over 600 times more energy each year than all of the CFL light bulbs, energy star appliances, and windows combined
  • We are also approved installers of pest control insulation, which can prevent attic pest infestations